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* ERIO at the Strategic Dialogue Meeting of the European Commission
On January 29th  DG Employment and Social Affairs of the European Commission held a Strategic Dialogue on the Implementation of the Youth Guarantee, the Youth Employment and the Quality Framework for Traineeships.  The meetings is aiming at contribution of key stakeholders to the Commission report on the implementation of Youth guarantee and the operation of the YEI.

OTHER news

* Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe, Nils Muižnieks, supports the Campaign “Dignity for Lety!”
In Lety, the Czech Republic, a pig farm stands on the site of a former Nazi concentration camp mainly destined for Roma people. The EGAM, alongside other human rights and civil society organizations, has been leading for several years the Campaign “Dignity for Lety!” which aims to relocate this pig farm, erect a proper memorial honoring the memory of the victims and support research on the Nazi’s genocide against Roma people. In this context on Tuesday 26th of January, EGAM President Benjamin Abtan and Executive Director Paul Morin met with the Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, Nils Muižnieks.

Talks concluded with the Commissioner pledging his support to the campaign. He acknowledged the importance of the growing list of politicians, intellectuals and activists fighting for the removal of the farm and agreed to bring this issue to the attention of the Czech Prime Minister. This is a significant step for the "Dignity for Lety!” Campaign and the manifesto of the same name has already achieved hundreds of signatures, including 83 MPs and MEPs from 22 countries, 10 former ministers, mayors, local elected people, and hundreds of intellectuals, artists, antiracist activists, Roma and non-Roma of more than 30 countries, in Europe and beyond.

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* A British couple tries to break the cycle of poverty for Romania’s forgotten people
By Diana Mesesan

March 2014. Jo Jowett, a British woman in her 50s, is driving to Jacodu, a small village in the center of Romania. The car passes by dark brown strips of land with green patches, signs of early spring. She is accompanied by the photographer and filmmaker R. James Feaver. Jo feels excited, because the project she started in Jacodu four years prior has been producing results. “Before it was just sadness and helplessness,” she tells Feaver, who is filming her.

Jo, born Josephine, has never been looking forward to a typical life: getting married, having children, retiring. She was looking for more, and from an early age, a life of service was the most important to her, because of her faith.

Then she discovered Romania, a transitioning country rushing away from its past that left behind children living in state institutions and marginalized groups.

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* Romani figure skater Ivan Righini, three-time Italian champion, competes for the European Championship
By Lenka Jandáková, translated by Gwendolyn Albert

The 2016 European Figure Skating Championships bgin in Bratislava, Slovakia, Ivan Righini, a figure skater with Italian, Romani and Russian roots, will compete for Italy in the men's short program with the starting number of 28. The young figure skater is not yet 25 years old, but he has won the Italian championship three times. Ivan Righini (born 1991) comes from Moscow, where he was born Ivan Vadimovich Bariev. He took his mother's maiden name when he began to represent Italy in 2013. Righini spent his early childhood in Italy, then moved to Moscow at the age of six, where he began to dedicate himself to figure skating at his mother's instigation.
He successfully represented Russia in junior competitions there. In 2007 Righini underwent an operation on the meniscus of his right knee and suffered a back injury. In 2011 he earned his first international medal (a bronze at the Golden Spin competition in Zagreb, Croatia). Since 2013 he has represented Italy, first competing for that country at the Merano Cup in 2013, where he took fifth place, and then winning the bronze that year again at the Golden Spin in Zagreb.

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* The leader of the left in the city Turingen in Germany is demanding a stop to the Roma expulsion
By Deniz Faber

In Turingen which is located on the east of Germany, are settled among other applicants for asylum, and more Roma from the Balkan. Because of the common deportations of the Roma people from this part of Germany, in their defense stood the leader of the Left Party. Bodo Ramelov. He notes that the Roma which are coming from the Balkan are struck with every sort of discrimination in their maternal countries and that it would be desirable to re check their status with more attention and to review their applications for asylum.

According to him the discrimination is perceptible and the national intolerance towards this population. He strongly opposes to the rhetoric of the so called "Reformation wing" in Germany and its member Sara Vagenkneht, who clearly supports the deportation and the return of the ejection of the Roma people from the Balkan and their maternal countries, which are noted as "countries from safe origins". Ramelov accents that the Roma from Truingen are needed to unite and to oppose this decisions for their deportation. Here they should look at the humanitarian aspect, and to stop the deportations and rejections. Especially in these cold winter days. Said Bodo Ramelov.

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* Ireland: Mayor welcomes Roma report
By Neil Fetherstonhaugh

The Mayor of South Dublin, Cllr Sarah Holland, has commended the Tallaght Roma Integration Project on the work they have done in helping the community integrate into Dublin 24.
The TRIP team service is run by the HSE with Roma volunteers who act as translators and encourage members of the community to access the service. The team focuses on members of the Roma community who have fallen through the safety net and are finding it difficult to get GP care, resulting in long waits at A&E or avoidance of medical care altogether due to a lack of money. They set up a mobile GP bus outside Tallaght Hospital before moving to a premises in Chambers House. The mayor said TRIP had provided an enormous service to the community.

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* UK: ‘The forgotten ones’: Traveller protest over accommodation set to take place outside Dáil
By thejournal.ie

A National Consultation  plan aimed at better including the Traveller and Roma communities will kick off today.
Meetings will be happening around the country over the next two weeks to allow for input from interested parties. This feedback will then be used to develop the National Traveller and Roma Inclusion Strategy. This comes in the wake of controversies in Galway and Louth, where communities of Travellers were evicted from their campsite over health and safety concerns. These cases have raised biggers issues about Traveller-specific accommodation, and a protest is set to take place outside of the Dáil later today.

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Join the The European Roma Media Network!

The European Roma Media Network was an outcome of ERIO’s conference “Media: a key tool to fight hate speech and anti-Gypsyism” organised on 23 June 2015 in Brussels. The ultimate goal of this informal Network is to join efforts to invert the role of the media as a tool to fight anti-Roma sentiments and anti-Gypsyism. The media has a crucial role in combating racism and stereotypes about the Roma. This can be achieved with an ethical and critical journalism which aims to raise awareness and provide a greater understanding regarding Roma issues.
The role of the Network is to provide an online platform for different stakeholders to exchange information and ideas about good practices and to discuss possible challenges and opportunities in tackling negative stereotypes and hate speech in the media. A parallel objective of the Network is to monitor and react to hate speech and negative portrayal of Roma in the media and address the responsible authorities.Who can join? Members of the Network should be journalists (Roma and non-Roma), media experts or NGOs working on media.

Want to apply for membership?
To apply for membership please fill in this registration form and send it to office@erionet.eu
School Drawing Competition: For Roma, with Roma

You are invited to take part in a drawing competition organised by the European Commission for 7-10 year olds. The aim of the competition is to help children, teachers and parents think about what we share that allows us to live together in an inclusive and mixed society.
To enter, work in a group to create a drawing that represents the theme above. Draw your ideas of five ways we are all the same; whether we are Roma or not.

The deadline for the competition is 16 February 2016.
More information can be found here.
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