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* ‘European Commission: Number of Roma youth not in school and unemployed in the Czech Republic is rising’
By Roma.cz

The conclusion of the European Commission assessment of how the EU member states are doing on fulfilling their national Roma integration strategies were published on 30 August, which reported that the number of non-enrolled children at school and unemployed youth is increasing a lot in the Czech Republic.

The assessment dealt with the developments of Romani position in the EU since 2011 and Jourova admitted that political courage is a must to deal with the issue especially with the current political atmosphere in Europe

.According to the report, in 2016 less Romani children are dropped out of school (68%) compared to 87% back in 2011.

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* ‘Slovak village prospers in partnership with Roma residents it once shunned’
By The New-York Times

Back in the day Roma in the village of Spissky Hrhov, Slovakia had no proper housing, no electricity, more than the majority was unemployed and children were put in segregated schools.

However, nowadays, unemployment among Roma is below 20 percent which is due to the fact that the village has its own construction company with Roma employees.  Children are not in segregated schools and three Roma are college students.

According to Abel Ravasz, the mayor of the village is really trying to do good.  Petronela, a 27-year-old Roma woman states that their situation has changed for the better and now she lives in the village newest apartment blocks with her family. Moreover, Roma and non-Roma residents get along well compared to other neighbouring villages.

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* Gypsy women breaking education barriers with uni degrees
By the BBC

Gypsies and travellers may traditionally have the fewest qualifications of any ethnic group in England and Wales, but those going to university in Pembrokeshire say the younger generation is bucking that trend.

Now aged 41 and living in a house in Monkton, Pembrokeshire, she is about to start her third year of a foundation degree in inclusive studies for teaching assistants, run by the University of Wales Trinity St David (UWTSD)…

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* Life gets harder for Roma in Moldava
By The Slovak Spectator

Besides forced eviction, the Roma living in Moldava nad Bodvou have faced several segregation attempts from the municipality as well as citizens. On August 21, the municipality constructed a fence between two elementary schools beside one another because parents were complaining about Roma visiting the buildings.Moreover, in early August the local swimming pool did not allow some Roma to enter, demanding a doctor’s approval that they were not sick, public broadcaster RTVS reported.

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