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* The segregation of Hungarian Roma children must end
By New Europe

Segregation takes different forms. Some children are taught in church-run — and EU-funded — schools that Viktor Orban’s government has been promoting since 2010. Others attend segregated classes in state schools; or in one of 400 Roma dominated schools in disadvantaged districts and neighborhoods; or in schools for children with special needs where Roma children are sent after they score poorly on standardized tests because of language and cultural barriers…. 

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* OSCE/ODIHR trains Polish police officers on effective and human rights-compliant policing in Roma and Sinti communities

The course helped participants (16 men and 4 women) strengthen their understanding of effective policing practices and of the need to respect and protect the rights of all persons, particularly those who are excluded or discriminated against, such as members of Roma communities. It also aimed to increase participants’ knowledge of and sensitivity to gender-specific issues that Roma women face and to promote greater trust and confidence in the police within the communities.

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* The Roma are yet again scapegoats for society’s ills
By The Guardian

In Govanhill, a little network of streets and avenues on Glasgow’s South Side, the besmirching of another immigrant community is in full spate. A century ago, it was the poor Irish, fleeing famine and persecution by the British government, who were being demonised. Now it’s the turn of the Roma people. Britain’s largest concentration of Roma families resides in Glasgow, where they began to settle in numbers following the 2004 expansion of the EU.

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