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* ROMED High Level Stakeholders Seminar "Taking Stock and Looking Forward"
​By Council of Europe

The main topics of the seminar revolved around the impact and results of the ROMED Programme, reinforced by the contributions of Ms Aurora Ailincai, Head of the Strategic Partnerships Unit in charge of the implementation of the programme within the Council of Europe, and Ms Mariana Milosheva-Krushe, Head of the External Evaluation Team.

Find out more about the ROMED Programme: https://www.coe.int/en/web/portal/-/romed-high-level-stakeholders-seminar-taking-stock-and-looking-forward-
10 goals for the next 10 years
By Council of Europe

​Together with the Special Representative for Roma Issues we decided for this year to make some clear commitments for the future. We will be more pragmatic in our approaches and will partner with our Member States to reach the following 10 goals for the next 10 years.  We call them “10 for 10”.

1.    No Roma and Traveller children without identity papers
2.    Infant mortality rate among Roma and Travellers reduced by half
3.    Roma and Traveller children have vaccination rates similar to the majority population
4.    School drop-out rate of Roma and Traveller children reduced by half
5.    Four times more Roma and Traveller youth will have a secondary school diploma
6.    Three times more Roma youth will obtain vocational qualifications
7.    No child marriage in Roma and Traveller communities in Europe
8.    Number of Roma living in abject poverty reduced by half
9.    Unemployment rates for Roma and Travellers reduced by half
10.  Number of Roma and Traveller elected representatives in local or regional councils and national or international parliaments doubled

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* ‘Hundreds of Roma to be forcibly evicted as EU leaders’’ refusal to sanction Italy exposed’
By Amnesty International

The Highest level of the European Commission has blocked infringement proceedings of discrimination against Italy, which lead to the eviction of more than 1.000 Romani both children, elderly, sick, disabled and homes residents from Gianturco, a settlement in Naples. These evictions occurred without any notice, consultation or the provision of alternative housing.According to Amnesty International, these evictions are a callous act, which violates the international human rights obligations.Residents were told by the police to leave the settlement by 10 April, otherwise they would be chased away.

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* Commentary: Ethnicity and social inclusion - some data, some Jedi Knights, and some methodological remarks
By Romea.cz

Should data disaggregated by ethnicity be collected, or not? Is such data collection at all morally acceptable?

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* European Commission disturbed by Hungary's CEU moves, could sue for violating EU law and values
By Romea.cz

On 12 April the European Commission (EC) expressed concern over recent steps taken by the Hungarian Government, especially its controversial law on higher education. EC Vice-President Frans Timmermans threatened Budapest with the possible launching of yet another infringement proceedings over the issue.

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* ‘International Romani Day celebrated in Bucharest this weekend’
By Romania Insider

The International Romani day takes place every year on April and various events were organized from 6 April to 9 April in Bucharest relating to the International Romani day to celebrate Roma culture and raise awareness regarding the issues they face.The following was to be found at the events: a fair of traditional Roma crafts, painting and sculpture exhibition, music and a theater play. Moreover, there was a concert of Romani Filarmoni-Kher and a brochure on bilingual culinary was launched.
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