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* We Travellers must take a stand against racism, for the sake of our children
By The Guardian

It is almost 17 years to the day since I won a historic case that established in law that Irish Travellers are an ethnic minority and entitled to the same protections as other ethnic minorities in Britain. After the ruling, I stood on the steps outside the court and said: “For the first time in our lives we feel we can proudly and publicly tell everyone we are Irish Travellers.” When I said these words, I believed we would finally be free from the discrimination and prejudice that my people had suffered for so long. But as research published this week by the Traveller Movement shows, that couldn’t have been further from the truth. My people continue to suffer, on almost a daily basis, the same injustices I fought to end

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* Outrageous portrayals of Gypsy culture are cinema's last acceptable bigotry
By The Guardian

The Gypsy, Roma and Traveller (GRT) community is among the most derided and rarely portrayed ethnic groups in British cinema.

There’s a gnawing silence on the subject of racism against GRT people, in the arts and film community and in the media more generally. If GRT people are denied minority status by this blindness, the results can be dangerous. Casting a posh white actor as a Romany Gypsy with little or no backlash is an extension of the same problem.

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