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* ‘A Roma circus makes a home and builds bridges, in Paris’
By The New-York Times

A Romanès family, originally from a Roma community in Romania performs most of the time their circus show in the 16th arrondissement of Paris and also on the road around France. Their show consists of 30 artists from the husband and wife’s family member, unplanned acrobatics, costumes, dance and traditional Romania music.

Mrs. Romanès was named a knight of the order of arts and letters by the Ministry of Culture. This nomination is a high standing recognition that is given to influential artists and she is the first Roma woman to ever receive this title in France.

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* UN committee: Slovakia still discriminates against Roma
By The Slovak Spectator

Slovakia’s government should take effective measures to eliminate discrimination against members of the Roma minority in various areas of life, according to the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD). 

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* Remembering Himmler's 'Auschwitz decree' to exterminate Roma and Sinti
By Deutsche Welle

Seventy-five years ago, Heinrich Himmler instructed German police to bring "all gypsy mixed-bloods, Roma Gypsies and […] members of gypsy clans" to Auschwitz. The genocide of the Roma people was long ignored in Germany.

German officials honored the Roma and Sinti victims of the Nazi regime on Friday. Michael Müller, the chairman of Germany's Bundesrat, said the anniversary of the Auschwitz decree should serve as a reminder to "push more strongly against anti-democratic tendencies" in present-day Germany.

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