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* Germany tries to seize BILLIONS in EU cash from Romania and Bulgaria to use ITSELF
By Express

Joachim Stamp, integration minister for Germany's largest state, North Rhine Westphalia, said he finds it "extremely annoying" the two eastern European countries refuse to use funds from the European Social Fund (ESF) for its proper use.

Both EU member states receive funding worth millions of pounds every year to help their Roma communities, which is the largest minority group in the bloc with more than 10 million living in Europe…

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* California, Roma population continuing to adjust to each other
By The Herald Standard

The Roma’s presence has rankled borough residents who at council meetings in June and July complained that they were defecating in public, cutting chickens’ heads off, driving recklessly and talking at an excessively loud volume.

But Garlowich said Friday that most of the Romani residents have complied with everything he has asked of them, which has chiefly consisted of picking up litter in their yards.

“They keep their houses clean,”

Garlowich said.Garlowich added that the Roma are not defecating in public as rumors have claimed, noting that he knew of just one instance in which a young child did so outside.

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* “Change can start from us”: Roma women in Italy fight for their rights
By Open Democracy

A new generation of Roma women is rising up against multiple forms of discrimination, to claim their rights to jobs, education, and healthcare.

From her small sewing workshop in Isernia, in the centre of Italy, Concetta Sarachella designs clothes that have won awards across the country and abroad. “I always try to put in something from my Roma origins: the colours, the tissues, the laces,” she tells me. Despite honors and awards, Sarachella says she has had to fight discrimination due to her Roma heritage.

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* Community champions from Roma gypsy communities in Great Yarmouth, Ipswich, Luton, Peterborough and Southend to help Fenland Council in £150,000 study
By The Wisbech Standard

Based on 2011 Census figures, Fenland is home to around 500 travellers/gypsies but many believe the number is double that.

Now a £150,000 government study is being launched to integrate the Roma community – thought to account for two thirds of Cambridgeshire gypsies- and to tackle discrimination. The money is being channelled through Fenland District Council who will take the lead on what officials say is “one of the most vulnerable and misunderstood migrant communities in the region”.

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* FEATURE -Romania’s Roma rise up with revolutionary theatre
By the Indian Express

Their theatrical approach is a direct challenge to the more simple version of events told on Romanian television – that a young woman died because her parents, from one of Romania’s traditional Roma communities, denied her an education.

The play instead explores the other daily pressures she had faced: anti-Roma racism in Romanian schools, rural poverty, women’s oppression in Romanian society at large.

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