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‘They are throwing us on the street like dogs’ - Europe abandons the Roma in Italy
​By Amnesty International

In the last weeks, ahead of International Roma Day tomorrow, EU leaders in Brussels have been paying great lip service to Roma, Europe’s largest and most disadvantaged minority. 
Yet, this morning, hundreds of Roma in Italy were forcibly evicted from the Gianturco informal settlement in Naples. Their eviction is an unfortunate reminder of the discrimination suffered by the Roma, and the refusal of the European Commission to take action. The Financial Times yesterday revealed that that discrimination starts right at the top of the European Commission, as it refuses to open an infringement case against Italy for discriminating against Roma in the field of housing.

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Ahead of International Roma Day, ODIHR Director Link urges states to capitalize on Roma and Sinti’s potential for European societies

​ODIHR’s Contact Point for Roma and Sinti Issues is tasked with assisting OSCE participating States in effectively implementing OSCE commitments on improving the situation of Roma and Sinti by sharing expertise with, providing assistance to, and raising awareness and assessing progress in those countries to improve the situation of Roma and Sinti.

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Shutka: Inside Macedonia's only Roma-run municipality
By Aljazeera

Suto Orizari, Macedonia's only Roma-run municipality, located on the outskirts of the capital Skopje. Eighty percent of Suto Orizari's population is Roma. The municipality is the only local administrative unit in the world to have adopted Romani as an official language. It has several TV channels in the Roma language and a colourful flag featuring the Roma wheel - an Indian chakra, which refers to the origin of the Roma people. 

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Romania: Ethnic Hungarian mob commits arson against Romani children accused of stealing
By Romea.cz

The European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) reports that on the last Friday in March an arson attack was committed in the small town of Gheorgheni, Romania against a Romani-occupied home. Agricultural storage buildings, an annex to the home, the home itself and other outbuildings were burned to the ground.

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