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* ERIO position on the 2017 Roma Platform topic
ERIO welcomes the decision of DG Justice on the topic “Transition from education to the labour
market” for the 2017 European Roma Platform taking take place on the 27-28 November. We are happy that a previously suggested topic by us - Roma entrepreneurship - is closely linked to one of the chosen topic.

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OTHER news

* Roma charity group blasts Govanhill child sex claims
By Glasgow Live

Friends of Romano Lav have hit out at 'spurious and unevidenced' allegations that young girls and boys have been propositioning people late at night outside bars and on the streets of Govanhill.Friends of Romano Lav (FoRL) have now released a statement via social media which blasts the "spurious and unevidenced" allegations.

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* Roma statelessness in Europe is not an accident
By Soraya Post

In Europe, we are good at spotlighting human rights abuses outside our borders, yet as we approach this year's Human Rights Day on 10 December, we should take a hard look at what is happening inside our borders and acknowledge that for many, these rights remain little more than words on a piece of paper…

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