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* Advocacy Training for Minority activists
On June 28 the University of Florence and the European Roma Information Office organized an advocacy training in Florence
The training is organised under the Minorities Groups Education Through Art (META) project funded by the European Commission Erasmus+ programme.

The aim of the training is to provide knowledge and advocacy skills to minority representatives to enable them to advocate with national and local authorities for the adoption of inclusive educational and cultural programs as well as policies concerning the integration of these groups through art education.

OTHER news

*  ‘Govt launches strategy for Travelers and Roma community’

Approximately 40.000 Travelers and 5.000 Roma live in Ireland and Travelers have been recognized by the Irish state as a distinct group in March 2017.

The Irish government has launched a strategy in order to improve the situation of Travelers and Roma in Ireland. The document contains 12o actions such as ensuring greater access to education for both Traveler and Roma children, internships proposals and stricter checks on the delivery of accommodation for Travelers etc. The strategy document will be reviewed on a quarterly basis.

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ERIAC media coverage Report
By Council of Europe

The new European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture (ERIAC) committed to establishing the artistic and cultural presence of Europe’s 12 million Roma people was launched on 8 June 2017 in Berlin. Since then many media has reported on ERIAC and its dedication to the principle that Roma themselves should present the image of who they are, and who they are not.

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