Training on social skills for Roma women - session 3

by ERIO on September 24th, 2013

On the 20th of September the third session of our training to develop social skills for Roma women took place. This week's session focused on four main themes: "Communication", "Team work", "How to make a decision" and "How to manage your timetable".

During the first part of the session, which was focused on "Communication", the trainees discussed the advantages and disadvantages of different forms of communication. They also focused on the significance of body language while interacting with people. After a brief summary on ‘Team work’ by the mediator, the session moved on to "How to make a decision". The mediator emphasised how difficult it can sometimes be to make a decision and explained that the best way to do so is to make a table of pros and cons. To conclude, participants discussed the theme of "How to manage your timetable" and shared their own experiences.
As in every session, each theme was prefaced with a theoretical introduction by the mediator, with the women then able to apply what they have learnt through several exercises as well as through role-playing. One of the exercises that particularly engaged the participants was the miming of a particular feeling in order to demonstrate how misleading gestures and body language could be. 

See photos of the training here.

This training is being carried out as part of our KeyRoma project

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