ERIO met with students to discuss Roma stereotypes and prejudices

by ERIO on November 25th, 2013

On 21 November 2013, ERIO made a presentation on Roma stereotypes at the European School in Uccle in Brussels. The purpose of the presentation was to deconstruct stereotypes and myths about Roma by informing and raising awareness of the 100 students that attended the meeting.
Marta Pinto (ERIO’s Policy Officer) started her presentation by explaining who the Roma are highlighting their diversity and commonalities and describing their current situation and ongoing discrimination. The concept of stereotypes was then introduced followed by some familiar illustrations. Then, the focus turned to Roma stereotypes that generally are negative and harmful. Two specific stereotypes were then explored and deconstructed - “Roma are dark-skinned” and “Roma are criminals” – by highlighting how both are informed by fallacy and a lack of understanding of the “other”. 

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