Call to the current and future EC and EP

by ERIO on April 3rd, 2014

“Support the human rights of all in the EU,
including those of the Roma”

10-12 million Roma living in Europe, of whom 6 million reside within the EU making them the largest ethnic minority in the continent. Guaranteeing human rights to all EU citizens, including the Roma should be a priority in the current and future European Commission (EC) and European Parliament (EP). In light of the upcoming 3rd European Roma Summit and the European elections, we urge:

The current European Commission and European Parliament to commit to:
  • Protect the right to security and life of Roma during and after the European elections. Many politicians play the ethnic card as a strategy to gain votes by using anti-Roma rhetoric and hate speech. This fuels violent assaults and racially motivated violence against Roma causing the death of many and threatens the EU’s founding principles. Racist rhetoric should be strongly condemned and opposed in all its forms.
The future European Commission and European Parliament to commit to:
  • Keep the inclusion and equal treatment of Roma on the EU policy and political agenda. The Roma-related work done so far by both the EC and EP should be followed up by the new EC and EP officials at the same or higher level.
  • Ensure an effective implementation of the National Roma Integration Strategies. The EC should continue supporting and pressuring member states to implement the adopted Council Recommendation on effective Roma integration measures in the member states. The active participation of Roma at every stage of the process should be assured.
  • Ensure appropriate budget allocation for Roma inclusion. Make sure member states allocate sufficient funds for the implementation of the National Roma Integration Strategies and to meet the EU 2020 Strategy social targets.
  • Promote a racism free Europe. Lead the fight against anti-Gypsyism and widespread racism in Europe. EU politicians should represent all EU citizens, including the Roma, by committing to the fight against discrimination and by upholding the fundamental rights of Roma as citizens of the EU.
  • Promote an inclusive Europe. The focus on growth as a driving force for a way out of the current economic crisis should be promoted with a social dimension as a way to tackle the most vulnerable, such as the Roma.
You can download our call here.

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