ERIO's local level campaign on Roma inclusion

by ERIO on May 8th, 2014

Our campaign on Roma inclusion at the local level has started. This campaign is part of the broader project “From words to practice: acting for Roma equality and integration”, aiming at fostering the social inclusion and equal treatment of Roma in Europe.
As part of this campaign, ERIO will work in close cooperation with its network members from over 20 EU member states, as well as from candidate and potential candidate countries. Crucial partners will also include Equality Bodies and local authorities for the institutional side, as well as media, social workers and others for the civil society.
Our campaign at the local level will be mainly done through:
a) Mission trips to meet with national and local authorities and lobby for the effective transposition of the NRIS and the implementation of the Council Recommendation at national, local and regional level. They will be the occasion to cooperate with and involve Roma in that process.
b) Community meetings with ERIO’s network members and local Roma communities to identify their needs and to find out what is happening on the ground. This information will be useful to share with the EC for their national progress reports on the implementation of the NRIS.
Mission trips and community meetings will be done in Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Germany and Belgium.
c) Roundtables at the national level with local/regional authorities and professionals. Within the framework of the NRIS and the RED, these roundtables aim to 1) advocate at national level with local and regional authorities for the NRIS and RED implementation; 2) gather different views of local/regional authorities on the NRIS and RED; 3) identify challenges faced by local/regional authorities in the NRIS and RED implementation and possible solutions to overcome them; 4) discuss anti-discrimination issues and how anti-discrimination legislation is implemented; 5) cultural sensitise professionals, including local authorities working with/for Roma. Roundtables will be organised in Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Portugal, France, and Italy.

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Leen D'hondt - May 13th, 2014 at 4:27 AM
Can you inform me on the activities in Belgium. Our organisation "Kruispunt Migratie - Integratie" will publish it in her newslettre MOE-Roma.
Leen D'hondt

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