ERIO met with Portuguese local authorities

by ERIO on June 5th, 2014

On 2 June, ERIO’s policy officer, Marta Pinto, met with representatives of local authorities from 3 different cities (Paredes, Santo Tirso and Barcelos) in Porto, Portugal. The meeting was hosted by EAPN Portugal.
Although all local authorities are actively engaged in Roma inclusion issues, there was a general consensus that authorities are not well informed about the Portuguese NRIS and EU Roma related policies (such as the EU Framework for NRIS) and that the implementation of the NRIS at local level is very slow. Since the elaboration of the NRIS, many local authorities have been involved in a national survey where they were consulted to provide local data to assess needs of local Roma. One concrete strategy that has been implemented at the local level is the Program for Municipal Roma Mediators which aims at every Portuguese municipality with a significant Roma population interested in creating links and fostering dialogue between the Roma community, local authorities, and civil society organisations.

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buecher alix -André - August 3rd, 2014 at 1:42 PM
ije voudrais des infos sur les suites de l aggression par la police portugèse d un groupe de Rroms a villa Verde. de tels agissements par des forces de police sont absolument inadmissibles et tant qu ils auront lieu et que les responsables ne seront pas sanctionné rien ne pourra avancer. merci de me répondre

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