ERIO at the EESC conference on a better inclusion of the Roma community through civil society initiatives

by ERIO on February 4th, 2015

ERIO was invited to participate in a final conference of the European Economic and Social Committee`s (EESC) project "Better inclusion of the Roma community through civil society initiatives" held on 3 February 2015 in Brussels. The objective of the event was to present the final report and recommendation of the EESC`s project. The conference was attended by representatives of civil society, international organisations, local authorities, European Parliament and different Directorate Generals of the Commission.
This concluding conference provided opportunities to express the ideas, criticism and recommendations of participants on the presented document. During the event Ivan Ivanov, the executive director of ERIO, expressed his comments and recommendations on the final recommendation, particularly the importance of institutional recognition of anti-Gypsyism, the necessity of independence for Equality Bodies and the need of discussion between Member States and civil society. He welcomed the existence of the document (e.g. the provision related to the important role of churches in stamping out personal and institutional segregation), but voiced his concerns about the special contribution of the document distinguishing it from others as well as about the obstacles in implementation. Good practices of visited Member States (Finland, Romania, Spain and Bulgaria) in the field of education, housing, employment and health were also introduced and promoted during the conference. The suggestions made by participants will be taken into account by EESC before submitting the document.
More information about the event is available here.

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