Roma civic and political participation

aims and objectives

This campaign is a follow-up of our 2016 RPP campaign. It aims to raise awareness about the 2019 European Parliament elections and to encourage Roma to actively engage during the election period either by voting or standing as candidates. Moreover, the campaign will address the discrimination Roma face to access politics. 

What we will do?

The campaign will include the following activities:
  • European conference in Brussels
  • Photographs of Roma with key and strong messages related to the topic of the campaign
  • Booklet
  • Short video


  1. Spread the word: Share this page with your social networks and ask what others are doing to promote Roma political participation.
  2. Get involved: Tell us what you are doing to promote Roma political participation via Twitter using #RomaPolitician, #RomaVoter and #RomaUseYourVote
  3. Share our video "We are the change"Through the voice of young Roma from five European countries, this short video sends a message about the power of Roma youth to bring change and claim their rights.
  4. Share our fact sheet on Roma political participation: Inform others and yourself with facts concerning the political involvement of Roma.

Are you voting?

Benyamin from Belgium will vote at the European elections because it's his right as a EU citizen.
Ana Maria from Spain will vote at the European elections for equal opportunities.
Mihaela from Romania will vote at the European elections because she's a EU citizen, and the EU is for everyone.
Petr from Czech Republic wants more Roma representation in the European Parliament.

Saska from Italy will vote at the European elections. However, involvement in politics is also done by being elected.

Jay from the Netherlands will vote at the European elections. He thinks diversity should be promoted so the EU represents all its citizens.


What non-Roma think?


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