Roma political participation - rpp

Name: Petre Florin Manole
Year of birth: 1983
Job: State Secretary of the National Council for Combatting Discrimination, former local councillor 
Country: Romania

1. Why did you decide to enter politics?

I understood that all the important decisions in the society are taken by politicians, so if you want to play a role for your community or to promote your values, you should play there.

2. How did you succeed in politics?

I didn’t. I have a lot of things on my to do list. Politics it's a never ending story.

3. What political achievements have you accomplished?

My assumed mission it's to put human rights on top of the Romanian society agenda. I still have a lot to do for this, so it's not yet an achievement.

4. Who is your role model?

I have no role model. I permanently learned from very different persons - models and anti-models.

5. What advice can you give to young Roma with regards to how to succeed in politics?

My advice it's to combine politics with a strong professional career. And never be involved in the internal fights in the party - it always affects your cause.
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