Roma political participation: a way to reinforce post-2020 strategies

3 April 2019, Brussels
The European Roma Information Office (ERIO) in collaboration with the European Parliament’s Vice-President Lívia Jároká organised a conference titled “Roma political participation: a way to reinforce post-2020 strategies” in the European Parliament.

The conference gathered representatives of the European Parliament, European Commission, European Economic and Social Committee, national authorities, international organisations, ERIO network members and Roma civil society.

Building on discussions from our previous  event organized on the 19th of March, the conference intended to promote Roma political participation at all levels to ensure the effective implementation of Roma policies. Only by being empowered can Roma become democratic and participatory leaders in the process of their own inclusion. This conference aims to change the current paradigm where Roma civil society consult with relevant stakeholders, provide recommendations and wait for their approval and eventual implementation making them dependent on the political will of non-Roma authorities. Policies should encourage Roma to be part of the political processes. At the same time, they should remove barriers for Roma to access decision-making power, be the owner of their own strategies and policies and be involved in their implementation.
More specifically, the objectives of the conference were to:
  • Explore how political participation can ensure a more effective implementation of current and future EU and national strategies and priorities
  • Offer an opportunity for stakeholders and experts to engage in dialogue on how current narratives and political discourses dealing with Roma issues can be changed through Roma political participation
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