“Remembering the Roma and Sinti Holocaust: challenges and opportunities at national level“

26 February 2014, Brussels
On Wednesday, 26 February 2014, ERIO organized a workshop titled “Remembering the Roma and Sinti Holocaust: challenges and opportunities at national level” in Brussels. The workshop was part of ERIO’s project MemoROM which aims at the creation of an international remembrance network for raising awareness about the Roma and Sinti Holocaust in order to fight discrimination, prejudices and stereotypes about these communities.A great variety of stakeholders such as representatives of Roma civil society organisations, museums and other organisations working on remembrance, history education and anti-discrimination attended the workshop.

The workshop started off by a presentation by ERIO’s policy officer Marta Pinto on the MemoROM project. Laurence Schram, historian at Museum Kazerne Dossin, told about the faith of Sinti and Roma from Belgium and the north of France who were assembled in the Kazerne before they were deported to the concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau. Gabriela Hrabanova and Irvin Mujcic from ERGO network linked the Roma persecution during Nazism and their ongoing discrimination.

Presentations were followed by small group discussions where participants discussed the challenges on raising awareness and recognition on the Roma and Sinti Holocaust in Belgium and they developed recommendations for possible strategies to overcome those challenges. The workshop gave us and the participants the possibility to exchange experiences, establish new contacts and identify problems and challenges as well as think of new solutions together. All in all it was a very interesting, motivating and fruitful event. 


Presentations from the seminar:
Marta Pinto, ERIO
Laurence Schram, Kaserne Dossin

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