Empowering Roma through participation: After the EU elections, what’s next for Roma?

28 June 2019, Brussels
The European Roma Information Office (ERIO), in cooperation with the European Economic Social Committee, organised a conference “Empowering Roma through participation: After the EU elections, what’s next for Roma?” which was held on 28 June 2019 at the EESC in Brussels.
To be held shortly after the European elections, the conference aimed at assessing the electoral results on Roma. It is expected that the rise of nationalist and far-right parties will result in them gaining more seats in the European Parliament. In that context, there is a need to anticipate the possible consequences on Roma inclusion and on the fight against anti-Gypsyism. The conference was also an opportunity to reflect on practical experiences of Roma regarding the election process and the possible obstacles they may have faced. Finally, we raised the question of Roma representation, both politically and more generally. Indeed, proper Roma representation is the most effective way to ensure that Roma issues and Roma inclusion remain a priority for the next EU mandate.

More specifically, the objectives of the conference were to:
  • Explore the impact the EU election results will have for Roma equality.
  • Share experiences of Roma during the election periods.
  • Discuss the issue of Roma representation within the political field.
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