Good Practices on Roma Integration

5 June 2012, Brussels
ERIO organised a conference on “Good Practices on Roma Integration in Europe” on 5 June 2012, at the European Economic and Social Committee in Brussels. The conference aimed at creating an exchange between different actors on successful practices promoting the integration of Roma and Travellers.

The interventions focused on the following areas: early childhood development, employment, health, gender and integration through self-organisation. By exchanging successful practices in various fields and from different countries, we wanted to exceed borders and inspire people working on a better integration of Roma and Travellers.

Furthermore, ERIO presented as a good example of successful integration and empowerment of Roma and Travellers in Belgium. The recently established Belgian Council of Roma, Sinti and Travellers was officially announced for the first time. The discussion was held among members of the Council, authorities and civil society representatives, who have all followed closely the establishment of the Council.
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