From words to practice: acting for Roma equality and integration

January - December 2014
“From words to practice: acting for Roma equality and integration” is a project funded by the European Commission over a one year period (January-December 2014). The main goal of the project is to foster the social inclusion and equal treatment of Roma in Europe.

Specific objectives:
  • Advocate to improve the National Roma Integration Strategies (NRIS) implementation at local level
  • Promote the effective implementation of anti-discrimination legislation
  • Promote the active equal participation of Roma representatives, especially the young and women, in the NRIS implementation and other anti-discrimination policies as well as in the fight against discrimination
  • Raise awareness about the needs and concerns of Roma and the existence of the appropriate tools to address these issues
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Project main outputs:Project main deliverables:Project beneficiaries:
The expected number of beneficiaries will include: Roma, particularly the young and women and European society as a whole – i.e. EU institutions, national, local and regional authorities, Equality Bodies, civil society, journalists, professionals working with/for Roma (e.g. teachers, social workers) and the general population.

This project has been co-funded by the PROGRESS programme of the European Union.
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