A second chance to Roma migrants

Donnons une seconde chance aux migrants Roms (Give a second chance to Roma migrants)

August 2010 - July 2011
The project was funded by the Belgian Federal Fonds d’impulsion à la politique des immigrés (FIPI). The objective of this project was to give Roma migrants to Belgium a second chance at making a good life for themselves, one that they were denied in their country of origin.
Specific aims of the project were to:
  • guide, inform and interact with Roma migrants in their engagement with public bodies, helping them to become active citizens;
  • strengthen the link between Roma communities and local authorities by providing cultural mediators knowledgeable of the specific problems faced by Roma;
  • facilitate the access of qualified Roma youth in to the job market;
  • promote the financial and social autonomy of Roma women;
  • promote the exchange of best-practice methods between representatives of Roma organisations. 
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