November 2015 - April 2018
Minorities Groups Education Through Art (META) is a European Union funded project under the Erasmus+ programme. This 18 month project is a partnership of four partners covering three European countries (Belgium, Germany, and Italy): IYMF, FNCC, Stiftung Pfefferwerk and ERIO.

It aims to expedite the eradication of barriers that cause inequity in European education systems. META will do this by supplying a META Pedagogical Methodology and an Advocacy Toolkit, which will be based on research material, good practices and the needs of stakeholders. The main target group are children in preschool and primary education belonging to minority groups, and children with a migrant background who are vulnerable to social exclusion, marginalization and discrimination.

The project aims to:
  • Create a database of programmes/initiatives/policies at micro/macro level for enhancing equity in access, participation and completion of Education from across Europe
  • Screen the database for evidence of a causal link between the initiatives and improvements in equity for their target groups
  • Understand the environmental, social and political enabling factors which allow successful examples of practices to take root
  • Select a number of good practice examples based on criteria and success and disseminate these widely, through a tailor made toolkit
  • Develop and pilot an integrated pedagogical methodology based on arts integration into school curriculum for social inclusion
  • Identify key policy enablers for grass root equity initiatives, and convey these to policymakers, with the aim of providing a fertile environment for the multiplication of these operations
More generally, the project will aim to:
  • Interact, consult and engage with stakeholders, institutions and public authorities directly in order to provide them with the evidence-base, tools and support they need to justify investments in the implementation of more efficient and cost-effective initiatives, aimed at increasing participation and completion in Education
  • Enhance access, participation and completion of young migrants students in Education; through a focus on identifying innovative approaches

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