Roma Holocaust

Remembering the forgotten Roma Holocaust

December 2011-November 2012
ERIO is the leading partner of this project funded by the European Commission’s Europe for Citizen’s Programme from December 2011 until November 2012. This project aims to rediscover the forgotten and relatively unknown history of Roma victims of Nazi persecutions and who continue to suffer displacement and discrimination long after the end of the Second World War. The project also seeks to remember and raise awareness about their past and current struggle against the backdrop of the European Union’s promotion of respect for human rights and simultaneously fight ongoing discrimination and anti-Gypsyism. The project is done in partnership with four organisations.

Activities of the project include a) two conferences in Brussels to compare and debate the past and current persecution of Roma in Europe and exchange best practices and experiences and b) 4 seminars with young people (Roma and non-Roma) in various European countries (Bulgaria, Netherlands, Germany and Belgium) to raise awareness about the Roma Holocaust, fight prejudices and inform them about EU anti-discrimination instruments.

a) Opening conference
b) 4 national seminars with young people (Belgium, Netherlands, Bulgaria and Germany)
c) Closing conference
Opening conference: report and photos
National seminar in Belgium: report and photos
National seminar in Netherlands: report and photos
National seminar in Germany: report
National seminar in Bulgaria: report
Closing conference: reportphotos
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