Social Entrepreneurship for Roma Communities (SERCo)

December 2015- February 2018
Social Entrepreneurship for Roma Communities (SERCo) is a project financed by the European Union under the Rights, Equality and Citizenship programme to address the problem of social and economic inclusion of Roma communities in the member states.This two-year project is a partnership of eight partners of which ERIO is a partner, covering six European countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Romania and Spain.

The project’s main objective is to streamline Roma social entrepreneurship creation in the National Roma Integration Strategies, as recommended by the European Commission. The key project target group are the Roma, especially mediators and community leaders, policy-makers, and public administrators.

Specific objectives of the project are to:
  • Promote social economy as an effective instrument for national and EU Roma social inclusion strategies
  • Produce evidence-based analysis; promoting capacity-building and personalized support for sustainable social enterprise creation in Roma communities
  • Provide Roma mediators with the necessary skills for supporting the planning, establishment and sustainability of social enterprises within Roma communities
  • Encourage mutual learning, exchange of good practice and collaboration between all relevant stakeholders, with an emphasis to Roma communities, policy-makers, public authorities and NGOs
  • Raise cultural awareness through the direct participation of Roma communities and stakeholders

  • Analyse and comparatively assess the impact of social economy within Roma communities.
  • Provide specific policy recommendations at national and EU level.
  • Generate practical guidelines and resources promoting social economy initiatives in Roma communities.
  • Develop a culturally-informed joint transnational training programme for Roma mediators.
  • Support one-to-one mentoring for Roma social entreprise creation.
  • Support lasting cooperation and establish a Network for Roma Social Economy.
  • Organise mutual learning, exchange of good practice and dissemination events, involving Roma communities, policy makers, public authorities, development agencies, NGOs and other stakeholders.
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