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* ERIO at the Roma Platform preparatory meeting
On 3 May, ERIO attended a preparatory meeting for the next European Platform for Roma Inclusion at the end of June. The meeting was held in the premises of DG-Justice of the European Commission in Brussels. Over 30 participants were present including representatives of civil society, international networks and organisations active in Roma inclusion in Europe and officials from various DGs of the European Commission.

The goal of this meeting was to discuss and exchange ideas about the content and organisation of the next Platform meeting titled “It is urgent to make change for Roma children and youth”. This year’s meeting puts Roma children and youth as a top priority since they are the most vulnerable age group in all Roma communities. As they are a horizontal, omnipresent dimension in the four key areas that the National Roma Integration Strategies focus on – i.e. housing, education, employment and health – they will also be at the centre of the agenda for the upcoming Platform meeting.

Although ERIO welcomed the topic of children and youth, we stressed that the Platform meeting should acknowledge and address the widespread anti-Roma discrimination and anti-Gypsyism that pervades today’s society, as they are the root of many problems the Roma have to deal with, such as inequality and poverty. This kind of discrimination takes place in all spheres, sectors and classes of society, in the labour market, in private housing, in access to health and education and it is effectively hindering Roma inclusion and integration. ERIO made clear that as long as we do not acknowledge and address this discrimination, we will be merely treating the symptoms and not the cause of Roma exclusion.

The Roma Platform meeting is estimated to take place on 27 June in Brussels.

OTHER news

* Fears of mass migration call EU's freedoms into question
By Toby Vogel 
01/05/2013 - At the end of this year, transitional restrictions in the European Union on job-seekers from Bulgaria and Romania will expire for good. From the start of next year, seven years after those two countries joined the Union, their citizens will be free to seek work and to claim benefits in any other EU member state without needing permits from national authorities. This has prompted predictions of hundreds of thousands of Romanians streaming to Germany or the United Kingdom, and visions of impoverished Roma taking up scarce public housing and sapping local resources.

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* Laszlo Andor Speech: Investing in people is the best investment we can make
by László ANDOR , European Commissioner responsible for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion
International Conference on Roma inclusion; Leuven, 3 May 2013

Irish Presidency Conference on the Social Investment Package

Chair, Minister, Vice-President, Distinguished guests, Ladies and gentlemen,

I want to thank you all for your active participation and constructive suggestions, and your enthusiasm to work together and collectively implement the policy proposals in the Social Investment Package. This conference has shown that there are some clear ways forward along the lines of investment, innovation and involvement. I am convinced that social investment is crucial to address the social emergency triggered by the crisis and ensuring Europe's social models are adequate and sustainable in the long-term.

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* Hate is where the heart is: Time for Europe to confront anti-Gypsyism
by Bernard Rorke
02/05/2013 - It is time for the European Union to officially recognize anti-Gypsyism as a long-standing and deeply rooted form of European prejudice.
Back in 1996, reflecting on the rise of Jorg Haider and the Freedom Party in Austria, the late Tony Judt cautioned against indulging the thought that this represented some kind of renascent fascism, “an echo of the ghosts of Europe past”. He warned that the successes of Haider and his ilk stood for something more far more serious: “they are the ghosts of Europes yet to come.” 
However, last year walking home through Budapest’s 7th district, the city’s Jewish quarter, it was difficult not to be chilled by spectres of the past. An English-language graffiti scrawl “Hate is where the heart is” caught my attention. Bizarrely, as if on cue, a group of black-clad Magyar Gárda types stumbled around the corner, shouting about “mocskok zsidok es büdös ciganok (filthy Jews and stinking Gypsies),” giving raised armed salutes to thugs on the other side of the road who responded with “Adjon az Isten szebb jövõt!” (God grant us a better future!)

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* Publications catalogue : Investing in Social Europe  
The worsening social situation and problems of sustainability of social protection requires action across Europe. The Commission's Social Investment Package guides Member States to modernize their welfare systems by "preparing" people to confront life's risks, thus reducing the need to ‘repair’ the consequences. Harnessing policy expertise, the reform process, shared ownership with stakeholders and EU funds towards social investment will ensure full implementation. This publication will be available in printed format in English, French and German.

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* Information day on Roma “Le temps des Gitans, regards en liberté” (1st June 2013)
The international solidarity group Watermael-Boitsfort is organising an information day on Roma “Le temps des Gitans, regards en liberté” on 1 June 2013 at the Espace Delvaux, 3 rue Grates in Brussels. ERIO will be one of the panellists. The event will be in French and there will be expositions, debates, literature and music. Find out more here
* ENAR’s  “Recycling Hatred” video series
ENAR has launched the 8th and last episode of its ‘Recycling Hatred’ video series on the theme: ‘What's worse: being discriminated because you're a woman, blind, or Muslim?’
It is available on ENAR’s YouTube channel: here
* Call for Applications: CEU's Roma Graduate Preparation Program 2013-2014
The Roma Access Programs (RAP) unit at Central European University is pleased to announce its call for Roma Graduate Preparation Program (RGPP) applications for the academic year 2013-2014.
The Roma Graduate Preparation Program, funded by VELUX Foundations and other external donors, is a 9-month preparatory program for promising Roma students from the countries of Southeastern & Central Europe and the former Soviet Union, designed to prepare promising young Roma for international post-graduate studies in English language programs. The program focuses on English language and academic development, so that students become competitive candidates for placement in post-graduate programs at CEU, North American, or Western European universities. Full financial aid will be awarded, covering travel to and from Budapest, tuition and fees, accommodation in the CEU Residence Center, health insurance, study materials, and living expenses.
Roma Graduate Preparation Program 2013-2014, a full scholarship opportunity for Roma students. The application deadline has been extended to 16 May, 2013. 

More information here
*  Overcoming injustices and exclusion - Training for trainers transformation programme in South Eastern Europe
Eligible Countries:  Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine (southern area)
Find here the call for  applications to the ENYA Young Roma Women's Micro - Project Small Grants Programme.
Applicants are asked to submit both the application along with the attached  Budget Form.
The main goals of the MICRO-PROJECTS are as follows:
- To develop the capacity in social justice and inclusion issues of key young women leaders and multipliers from the Roma community.
- To motivate and empower participants to design and implement social justice national and local projects.
- To raise the awareness of young Roma women about their social right to improve their access to education (formal and non-formal), employment and health and social services.
- To train young Roma women in peer education methodologies and programmes.
- To involve young Roma women with limited opportunities in international capacity building, inclusion, community development, organisational management and social justice programmes.
- To increase the effectiveness of Roma young women to interact and actively promote social justice and inclusive policies, programs, plans and projects.
Deadline for Application:  June 12, 2013 
Date of Notification of Final Status of Grant Application:  June 30, 2013
Send applications to  ENYA  cejenya@grbox.cz
*  ERIO is currently looking for interns
We are looking for interns to start their internship from September 2013. If you are interested in an unpaid internship, please send your CV and a motivation letter stating your interest for this internship as well as your availability to:  office@erionet.eu.
You can find out more here:  http://www.erionet.eu/internship.htm
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