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* ERIO Training “Develop Key Competences in Social Skills for Roma Women to increase their participation in the service sector”
We have started a training course for Roma women aimed at developing key social skills that will increase their participation in the labour service market. The training will last 30 hours and will run for seven consecutive weeks from 6 September until 18 October.
The training covers four units dealing with attitudes, skills, knowledge and mediation/information. Participants will be exposed to a range of topics that will not only focus on their professional skills but also on their personal and social skills, particularly, self-esteem and learning to learn tools that would make them not only knowledgeable but capable of building a good self-image and confidence about themselves.
The first week covered the theme of “responsibility”.  This training is being carried out as part of the project KeyRoma.
Click here for the event page and photos.
* ERIO Training “Develop Key Competences in Social Skills for Roma Women to increase their participation in the service sector”
Our joint project KeyRoma has created an Online Community of Practice (OCP) that is formed by Roma activists, policy makers, teachers, organisations specialised in vocational education and training (VET), employment agencies and Roma organisations from different European countries and other persons interested in the topic of the project. The aim of the OCP is to inform you about the KeyRoma project’s implementation and to stimulate discussion among stakeholders on the project’s topics. 
The OCP has three main sections:
1) Blogging area: here you can share experiences under the form of a blog with VET providers, employers, policy makers, social workers, Roma mediators, labour advisors NGOs’ staff members, trainers and other professionals. Mediators involved in the project will describe experiences, anecdotes, challenges related to the implementation of the project. You can contribute by sharing your own experience with Roma women, employment of disadvantaged groups or adult training.

2) Polling section: here you can answer and add polling questions related to education, employment and/or training of Roma women. It only takes a minute of your time to answer and to us your opinion really matters. Also, you can create your own question and find out what others think about your dilemma!
3) Forum: in the forum section you can directly discuss issues related to the project with other stakeholders. You can comment on an on-going discussion or add your own topic of debate. Share your views and learn about good practices and experiences from similar stakeholders in your own or other European countries!
Join us online and make your own contributions to discussions and polling on topics related to the project! You can learn about and exchange good practices among a transnational network working towards education and labour market inclusion of Roma women.
How to join the OCP? Simply go to the project website and create an account here.

OTHER news

* European Commission refutes rumor that leftover Roma support funds will go to Germany
by EurActiv.cz, translated by Gwendolyn Albert

News server EurActiv.cz reports that the European Commission has ruled out speculations by some foreign media outlets that unused money from EU funds intended to improve the living conditions of the Roma population in Bulgaria and Romania will be transferred to Germany, as reported by Deutsche Welle (DW). The alleged transfer was said to be justified by the fact that in recent years Germany has become a favorite destination for Roma people leaving the Balkans in search of a better life.

The European Commission, however, says that rumors that the unspent EU funds would "accompany" Roma people wherever they move are untrue. "That's not true. No plans exist to transfer money from the structural funds designated for Bulgaria and Romania to other countries," Jonathan Todd, spokesperson for the EU Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Social Inclusion, told EurActiv.cz.

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* Czech state prosecutor objects to release of Romani people charged with Duchcov attack, they remain in custody
by ČTK, ryz, translated by Gwendolyn Albert

Duchcov, Czech Republic 06/09/2013 - The state prosecutor has filed a complaint against a recent decision to release from custody the three Romani people who assaulted a non-Romani married couple this past May in the town of Duchcov, an incident that prompted an ongoing series of anti-Roma demonstrations there. The defendants are remaining in custody for the time being.

Roman Dobeš, the presiding judge at the District Court in Teplice, informed the Czech News Agency of this turn of events on 4 September. The Regional Court, which previously remanded the defendants into custody after the state prosecutor filed an initial complaint in the case, will now decide whether to keep them in custody. Police have qualified the assault as attempted grievous bodily harm. After the first complaint was filed by the state prosecutor, the Regional Court remanded three of the five defendants, who range in age from 16 to 44, into custody.

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* Germany: Turkish community calls for domestic intelligence office to be disbanded
by ČTK, Reuters, translated by Gwendolyn Albert

Berlin, 29/08/2013 - The Turkish community in Germany is demanding that the federal domestic intelligence body (the BfV, or Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution) be disbanded for its failure to prevent a series of murders committed by neo-Nazis. The Associated Press reports that the Turkish community believes the security agency uses a racist mode of reasoning.   

The head of the three-million strong Turkish community in Germany, Kenan Kolat, said the BfV not only has not been arresting racists, but that prejudice against immigrants is deeply rooted in the organization and reflected in its work. Last week a German parliamentary commission said that the procedures undertaken by police, secret services and justice authorities to clarify crimes committed by the neo-Nazi National Socialist Underground (NSU) group constituted an unprecedented, historical failure of the German security apparatus.   

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* Marian Madison Gypsy Lore Society Young Scholar’s Prize in Romani Studies
The Gypsy Lore Society established the Marian Madison Gypsy Lore Society Young Scholar’s Prize in Romani Studies for the best unpublished paper by a young scholar on a topic in Gypsy and Traveler Studies. The prize is a cash award of $500. The winning paper will be published, after any necessary revisions, in an issue of the journal Romani Studies. The deadline for receipt of papers for the current cycle is October 30, 2013. The screening committee expects to make the announcement of the winner by January 30, 2014.

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* Call for participation in Training for Roma Youth Organizations
In the framework of the Roma Youth Action Plan, the Youth Department is organizing in the period 16 – 24 November 2013 a training course on the management and development of Roma youth organisations. The training course will gather 30 Roma youth leaders with the aim to strengthen the capacity and sustainability of Roma youth organisations in representing and voicing the concerns and needs of Roma young people and in working with Roma young people.

All candidates must apply online, completing the application form here
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