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* ERIO Recommendations to the Lithuanian EU Presidency
From July until December 2013, Lithuania takes over the Presidency of the Council of the European Union. As such, ERIO sent the Presidency recommendations on Roma inclusion.

Read the recommendations here.
* Open letter on the future of the 'Europe for Citizens' programme
ERIO and Eurochild welcome the integration of Roma children and youth as the focus of this year’s European Platform for Roma Inclusion. Roma children face additional difficulties in realising their rights due to discrimination, poverty and disadvantage. The precarious situation of Roma children is often overlooked and the Platform provides an excellent opportunity to discuss and put forward proposals on how to secure their rights and well-being. “Roma children are often thought of as held back by their community, in general, and by their parents, in particular,” stated Ivan Ivanov, ERIO Executive Director. “Contemporary policies and resolutions often focus on the symptoms of the Roma children's malaise but not on the actual underlying cause of all their issues: discrimination and anti-Gypsyism. This is what should be tackled first,” he added.
Read the full statement here

OTHER news

* From pillar to post: pan-European racism and the Roma
by Institute of Race Relations

11/07/2013 - Europe’s Roma face a double victimisation both as Roma and as migrants and are fast becoming the number one scapegoat for the economic crisis, argues IRR’s Director Liz Fekete in this hard-hitting review of anti-Roma hate campaigns across Europe. The report, From pillar to post: pan-European racism and the Roma, documents the failure of police and politicians to protect Romani communities from violent and sometimes deadly campaigns by the far Right.

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Download a copy of the report here
* Walled off in the mind
by Beata Balogová

15/07/2013 - One would have thought that people who once lived behind the Iron Curtain would be sensitive to the different kinds of walls dividing countries, regions, towns or communities. Yet the walls that the non-Roma population erected over the past two decades to separate themselves from Roma communities tells a different story: Slovakia has not learned its lesson about walls and dividing lines.

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* East Europe’s Poorest Head to Germany
by Konrad Putzier

Frankfurt, 17/10/2013 - The skyscrapers of Frankfurt’s financial district, like much of Germany, have weathered the euro zone’s economic turmoil fairly well.
But the patches of grass between them have become home to a makeshift camp of East European immigrants who have been forced by the financial crisis to seek work abroad.
Many of Germany’s newest immigrants come from the European Union’s poorest member states of Bulgaria and Romania, speak little German and have become the focus of racial tension in the run up to the country’s general election.

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* German, Swiss Police intervene against neo-Nazis allegedly planning terrorist attacks
by ČTK, translated by Gwendolyn Albert


Berlin, 18.07.2013 - Deutsche Presse-Agentur reports that on 17 July the German and the Swiss Police initiated an extensive raid against members of a neo-Nazi group who allegedly have been planning terrorist attacks. Searches were performed in three states in the north of Germany and in Switzerland, but no arrests have been made yet.
The police are interested in six members of the ultra-right group "Werwolf-Kommando", which is inspired by the tactics of the Nazi sabotage units called "werewolves". According to the German Public Prosecutor's Office, the aim of the group is to destroy the current political system in Germany and they intended to achieve this through violence, including terrorist attacks. 

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* UN Women invites Written Communications on Allegations of Human Rights
Individuals, non-governmental organizations, groups and networks can submit written communications—including, but not limited to, complaints, appeals and petitions—to the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) with information on alleged injustices and human rights violations against women in any country. Examples of claims include arbitrary arrests of women, domestic violence, unfair employment practices and discrimination against women under immigration and nationality laws.
Deadline: 1 August 2013

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* CfA: Opportunity for researchers in EU Roma research project
Roma Matrix (Mutual Action Targeting Racism, Intolerance and Xenophobia), a project focused on tackling the social exclusion, racism and discrimination of Roma across ten EU member states is looking to recruit nine researchers, one to focus on each of the following countries: Italy, Hungary, Slovakia, Greece, Romania, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Poland and Spain. The researchers will be responsible for desktop analysis and mapping of existing policy and practice in their country with a particular focus on four key areas:
- Reporting and redress mechanisms for tackling racism and discrimination of Roma
- Roma children in care
- Employment; and
- Cross community relations and mediation
The post would ideally suit an academic researcher in the early part of their career based in a University or a similar research and policy environment. Each researcher will be reimbursed a total of €5000 upon completion of the work in January 2014

Please find more details about the project with information about how to apply here
Deadline for the receipt of applications is 25th July 2013.
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