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* Art4ROM website / Arts for Roma Children
Our joint project Art4ROM has now a website where you can follow our activities! ​Art4ROM is a project financed by the European Commission promoting intercultural dialogue within ROMA and non-ROMA children through arts.


OTHER news

* Roma Health Rights in Macedonia, Romania, and Serbia: A Baseline for Legal Advocacy
by Alphia Abdikeeva

June 2013 - The Roma, Europe’s largest and most neglected minority, face discrimination and are pushed to the sidelines of society—harming their health. In some communities, Roma life expectancy is 10 years below average. Their infant mortality rate is unacceptably high, and preventive health care is almost inaccessible. Roma face systemic discrimination and exclusion in citizenship, education, employment, housing, and access to justice. Many cannot access health care at all. Others suffer abuses in health care, including the outright denial of medical services, the disclosure of medical information, breaches of privacy, and violations of the right to informed consent.

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* Slovak Police demolish Roma settlement, infant reportedly hospitalized as a result
By František Kostlán

On Sunday, 16 June 2013, some of the Romani residents of a settlement in Moldava nad Bodvou, Slovakia allegedly damaged a police vehicle. On Wednesday, 19 June, police returned to their community in force.
According to a local nonprofit organization, the settlement was surrounded by 20 police cars and a special police unit wearing balaclavas started demolishing fixtures inside people's homes and making mass arrests. Police deny the allegations of brutality.
A police raid of this kind has not taken place in Slovakia for a long time. "The officers went from one dwelling to another, breaking down doors, smashing furniture and windows, and attacking individual residents in a very aggressive way without communicating with them in any reasonable manner whatsoever. People were injured. Some of our clients had to seek medical treatment, for which there are medical records," said Martin Vavrinčík of the nonprofit organization ETP Slovensko, which runs a community center in the settlement.

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* UN Human Rights Prize 2013
Nominations are invited for 2013 United Nations Prize offered to individuals or organizations every five years for outstanding achievements in the field of human rights. The Prize was established by the General Assembly in 1966 and was awarded for the first time on 10 December 1968, the twentieth anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The purpose of this award is to provide opportunity not only to  give public recognition to the achievements of the recipients themselves, but also to send a clear message to human rights defenders the world over that the international community is grateful for, and supports, their tireless efforts to promote all human rights for all. - Deadline: 5 July 2013 

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* UN Women Global Call for Gender Experts and Trainers
23/06/2013 - UN Women has issued a call for applications to connect with a diverse range of knowledgeable and experienced gender experts and trainers around the world who possess expertise in the areas of work covered by UN Women’s mandate, UN Women is establishing a global roster of experts and trainers. This roster will facilitate the recruitment, hiring and evaluation of consultants from several thematic areas.

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* Roma English Language Program (RELP)
Application deadline: June 25, 2013

Central European University (CEU) and the Roma Initiatives Office of the Open Society Foundations are pleased to announce scholarship opportunities for the Academic Year 2013/2014 for a 9-month intensive English language training for young Roma with low level of English. The program is offered at Central European University, Budapest and will run from October 2013 till June 2014.
The Roma English Language Program (RELP) aims to contribute to the personal development of young Roma university graduates from Central and Eastern Europe. The goal of the training is to enhance participants’ English language skills in order for them to successfully apply for career and internship opportunities at various local and international organizations, as well as for educational programs, such as the Roma Graduate Preparation Program (RGPP) at CEU. Furthermore, RELP works to build strong Roma youth leadership in terms of skills, knowledge, pride and commitment for the betterment of Roma communities.

Welcomed are applications from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain and Turkey.
For questions, please write to relp@ceu.hu
Roma English Language Program
Central European University
Nador u. 9., H-1051
Budapest, Hungary
Tel: (+36-1) 327 3000/2585
Fax: (+36-1) 327 3190

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