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* ERIO Recommendations to the Irish EU Presidency
Ireland takes over the Presidency of the Council of the European Union on January 2013, which also marks the commencement of the next trio (Ireland-Lithuania-Greece). Over the next 6 months Ireland will have the chance to influence policy to improve the socio-economic situation of the 10-12 million Roma in Europe. ERIO calls on the Presidency that, in the European Year of Citizens 2013, it must urgently address the human rights abuses and discrimination faced by Roma across the continent.
Read the full recommendations here.
* ERIO at a Working Dinner with the Permanent Representative of Italy to the European Union, HE Nelli Feroci
The working dinner was organized by the Yehudi Menuhin Foundation and the Romani Union in Spain to discuss the recently commissioned Art4Rom project, of which they are lead partners. ERIO, as partner in the two year project, was also invited. The discussion with HE Nelly Feroci was on the situation of Roma in Italy and Europe, their contribution to European art and culture and how their integration could be better promoted through artistic events and initiatives. Project partners presented the activities of the Art4Rom project and guests were addressed with short statements from Marianne Poncelet, Executive Vise President of the Yehudi Menuhin Foundation, and Juan de Dios Raires Heredia, President of the Romani Union in Spain.

OTHER news

* Salford researchers secure major EU Roma grant to reduce racism
The University of Salford has been named as the lead research partner in a Europe-wide project to reduce discrimination against Roma and promote better integration of this marginalised group with the rest of society. Approximately six million Roma live within the EU and they make up the continent’s biggest ethnic minority. However, they continue to face marginalisation, with the European Roma Rights Centre recently reporting on issues such as forced evictions in Romania and Italy and segregated education in the Czech Republic.
Read more here.
* Canada advises Romani people to stay home in Hungary
Czech Radio reports that the Canadian Embassy to Hungary is urging Romani people not to attempt an overseas move. Since this past weekend, the embassy has been conducting a campaign in the poorest of Hungary's regions, specifically in the town of Miskolc, which has the country's highest population of Romani residents. Canada has tightened its immigration laws and has reduced the opportunity for people to receive asylum there.
Read more here.
* Barely Literate, Roma Pupils Struggle for Schooling
Part case study on entrenched racism, part heartbreaking human-rights story, “Our School” observes the feinting of small-town officials in rural Transylvania as they try to duck a mandate to integrate Roma children into the regular school system. Following three Roma, or Gypsy, youngsters for four years beginning in 2006, the directors, Mona Nicoara and Miruna Coca-Cozma, record the spasms of desegregation with patient persistence. 
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* ISSA is Recruiting to Fill Four Staff Positions
Launched in October 2012, the Romani Early Years Network (REYN) is a joint partnership of ISSA and the Roma 'Kopaçi' Initiatives at the Open Society Foundations (OSF) Early Childhood Programme. The aim of this Network is to particularly empower Romani ECD professionals and paraprofessionals working with Romani communities, offering them opportunities for professional development, training, study visits and international networking across the ECD sector. The Network is open to all those working with Romani communities in early childhood development and early years provision, Romani and non-Romani alike, and is intended to nurture positive experience and shared understanding amongst practitioners in the field. ISSA is now recruiting to fill the REYN Program Manager position.
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Deadline: 4 February 2013
* REF seeks candidates for the position of a full time Early Childhood Development expert to its Budapest Headquarters office
REF is seeking a full time professional with substantial expertise and relevant experience in early childhood development in international contexts.
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Deadline: 3 February 2013
* ERIO is seeking to hire an External Communication Assistant for 8 months in 2013.
The candidate should have:
  • university or at least high school education
  • knowledge of the Roma issues in Belgium and in Europe
  • knowledge of the European affairs and policy making related to Roma
  • experience in working with Roma communities and different stakeholders working or involved with Roma issues
  • good communication and team work skills
  • speaking and writing skills in English. French, Dutch and Romanes are also admitted as additional working language
The Assistant will be responsible for the following tasks:
  • To do research and collect specific EU Roma related information for event opportunities and policy making
  • To assist in development and dissemination of ERIO e-news and other information products.
  • To help ERIO to communicate with local and national authorities.
  • To assist ERIO in communication with experts, NGOs and other stakeholders dealing Roma issues.
  • To do a research about Roma human rights and social situation in Belgium and abroad.
  • To assist with information and dissemination of all information products of ERIO (press-releases, brochures, guidebooks, analyses, articles, statements....)
  • To travel and meet with authorities, Roma communities and other stakeholders in order to inform and raise awareness about ERIO's work and the work of the EU institutions
  • To assist ERIO in organizing events, in ensuring participants with wide outreach of invitation and wide dissemination of the outcomes of these events.
Deadline for applications 15th February 2013
Please send your CV and letter of motivation to office@erionet.eu or ivan.ivanov@erionet.eu
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