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* ERIO joined the European Year of Citizens Alliance
We are a new member of the European Year of Citizens Alliance (EYCA). The EYCA aims to mobilise a widespread engagement from civil society during the 2013 European Year of Citizens and to foster debates on issues relevant to Roma such as the exercise of European citizens’ rights and to promote citizens’ active participation in the EU.
We are looking forward to a fruitful and constructive cooperation!

You can find out more about the EYCA here: http://www.ey2013-alliance.eu

OTHER news

* The Dark Side of a Cosmopolitan and Liberal Society
Book Review: Miltiades Oulios on deportation in Germany

According to the Cologne-based journalist Miltiades Oulios, deportation only works in an environment of intransparency. With his recently published book, he seeks to shed some light on the obscurity of this subject. Claudia Kramatschek read the book.

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by Claudia Kramatschek 22/03/2013 - Politicians and the media have only just begun sounding the alarm again that Germany is under threat from a wave of poor immigrants of Romanian and Bulgarian origin, most of them Romani. On 19 February 2013, for example, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung headlined with a story on how Germany's social harmony is now under threat.

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* Millions don't help Roma integration in Bulgaria
There are more Roma in Bulgaria than any other EU nation. Some 10 percent of the population belong to the minority group, and despite receiving millions for their integration Roma remain marginalized.

Deutsche Welle 21/03/2013 - Roma live an average of 10 fewer years than other Bulgarians, according to official statistics. Cancer among Roma is more likely to end fatally, and tuberculosis in Roma neighborhoods is between two and five times more common than the rest of the country. Child mortality rates are almost three times higher.

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* Public position regarding the statements of Romanian Prime Minister, Mr. Victor Ponta, during HARDtalk show on BBC World News on 19 March 2013
Policy Center for Roma and Minorities together with ActiveWatch Romania and  Agentia Împreună  raise serious concern on the declarations of the Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta during a 23 minutes interview on HARDtalk show on BBC World News on 19 March (see here). During the interview, Mr. Ponta’s statements reflected and further enforced the societal racist and discriminatory position of the majority population in Romania towards Roma ethnics. We demand a public statement that clarifies the official position of the Romanian government towards the Roma minority in Romania, hence in the European Union.

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* Czech Helsinki Committee publishes shadow report on discrimination and racism
Prague, 23.3.2013 - On the occasion of the International Day against Racism, the Czech Helsinki Committee published a shadow report on racism in the Czech Republic and in Europe. The report is issued annually by the European Network against Racism (ENAR), an umbrella organization of hundreds of human rights groups from 26 countries.This most recent report maps the situation during 2011 and part of 2012. The English-language summary report, "Racism in Europe", is available here.

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* Czech cops edited footage of brutal intervention against Romani woman for media
Prague, 25.3.2013 - The Rokycany Municipal Police provided TV Nova with edited footage from a video camera worn by one of the intervening officers who brutally intervened against the woman and her child.

TV Nova, the Czech Republic's most-watched private television channel, has managed to acquire video footage of a controversial intervention by municipal police in the town of Rokycany during which a pram with an infant in it was overturned on the street. The 16-month-old boy escaped serious injury through sheer luck.
(Reprofoto: Tn.cz)

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* Slovakia: Romani children segregated from others during lunch
by déla Gálová, TV JOJ, translated by Gwendolyn Albert

Medzilaborce, Slovakia, 22/03/2013 -  Romani children attending a primary school in the East Slovakian town of Medzilaborce are not permitted to eat lunch in the school cafeteria together with everyone else. Several angry local parents have drawn attention to the situation. The school director says the reason is that some Romani pupils do not know how to eat with cutlery and eat with their hands instead.

The Slovak Education Ministry says the director has broken the law. "This decision is, in our opinion, a violation of the law, which clearly bans all forms of discrimination, especially segregation, not only in schools but in school facilities," ministry spokesperson Michal Kaliňák said.

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* Serbia: Agreed Action Plan to Address the Issue of the Segregation in the Elementary School “Aleksandar Stojanović Leso“
by Roma Network on 27 March 2013

In order to solve the problem of segregation of Roma children in the school "Aleksandar Stojanovic Leso", the Minority Rights Center organized a roundtable on 13 March, 2013 in the Cultural Centre of Novi Pazar. The round table brought together representatives of the school "Aleksandar Stojanovic Leso," the Commissioner for the protection of equality of citizens, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, the Department of Inspections in pre-school, elementary, secondary and higher education, local self-governments, international organizations and representatives of civil society.

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* International Roma Day in the Catalan Parliament

The Federation of Roma Associations in Catalonia (FAGIC) in cooperation with the Catalan government is organizing a conference on April 8th  the International Roma Day. The conference will take place in the Catalan parliament. Speeches will given by the President of the Parliament of Catalonia, Pedro Aguillera, member of ECRI and board member of ERIO and Ivan Ivanov, executive director of ERIO. The conference will be followed by a traditional flower ceremony at the Besos River in Barcelona.
* Round-Table on Anti-Gypsyism in Stockholm
On April 10 the Swedish Ministry on Employment is organizing a roundtable on Anti-Gypsyism in Europe. Key speakers will be Mr. Erik Ullenhag Minister of employment in Sweden , Mr. Jeroen Schokkenbroek Special Representative of the Council of Europe Secretary General on Roma related issues, Mr. Thomas Hammarberg, UN Adviser and former Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights and Mr. José Manuel Fresno, Independent Consultant and President of the Equality Body in Spain.
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